Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Nursing homes are very important in treating the needy people who really need great help and services to maintain their health and lives. Yes, here is the best healthcare company which is must be known to all as well as its founder.
Brius is the largest and very poplar nursing home, which is founded just to help the people who really want special care and companion to pass their lives. Senior citizens who always want to have the best and great time, but we unable to give them the same due to busy schedule, however, we really look forward to have the best nursing home, where they can get lots of people of their age and the best staff which can really care them up.
Brius is very popular and founded by the top class entrepreneur called Shlomo Rechnitz, put a lot of efforts in establishing the very same nursing home by using all of his talent and skills. He is the man behind the Brius success and people should definitely know more on the same. Mr. Rechnitz was born on 29th July, 1971 and later for completing his educational qualification he has attended Mesivta of Long Beach, NY. After completing his high school degree, he went to Mir Yeshiva in Israel and completed his full and final studies. In 2006, Mr. Rechnitz has got an idea to build up the first nursing home in Gardena, California and got great success. Earlier, he just known for distributing the medical supplies to the nursing homes and hospitals in the USA from Warehouses and did a great job once he has founded a very reputed healthcare center called- Brius healthcare srvices.
Why it has become famous just because it was the largest nursing home center in the California, which has around 80 facilities over there. Apart from this, the same nursing home is known by the other various features, like- personalized and professional home care, which is wanted by every patient belongs to the very same place.
The professionals are the backbone of the success of the Bruis and offer amazing professional home care services that are personalized to everybody needs and budget. Whether you are at home for a short period of time or you need someone to monitor a patient or desire a companion for short and flexible period of time, the same nursing center and its professionals are always there to offer the same. Apart from this, for a secure, pleasant and safe ambience the very same nursing home is very popular and make sure to offer the best time to all. Yes, amazing customer service, 24/7 activeness and clean and clear ambience is given to all the patients.</>
Not only this, a friendly staff always connected with the patients so that they may need any kind of help and support or would like to share anything which gives them a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Overall, Mr. Rechnitz did a lot of efforts in making the various nursing home a very successful and his idea was very brilliant.



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