Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Mr. Gordon is very famous for his distinctive and amazing approaches and work, thus known to all. He is a person, which must be known to all in order to learn everything from his overall life, work and ideas.
Here, we will talk about everything about Rabbi Chanan Gordon, who is also known by the name of the Antony. He was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa from where he completed his basic educational qualification from there only. He has joined the University of the Witwatersrand also known by the name of Wits and later on completed professional studies with B.A. and LL.B from Cum Laude.
When it comes to reward and awards, there are various reasons due to which Antony was awarded. He was a part of the Sir Abe Bailey Fellowship (part of the Rhodes Trust), to the United Kingdom and awarded by the same for this great work and knowledge. Later, he was returned to South Africa and known for becoming one of the youngest Advocates to be admitted before the Supreme Court. This was the biggest achievement for him, which inspires people a lot. Yes, because of supreme knowledge, talent and dedication, he has got the same post, which can’t attain by anybody at all so easily. Later, he was awarded by the Fulbright Scholarship for outstanding academic excellence and all-round ability to the Harvard Law School. This way he just lead to the ladder of success and made an amazing benchmark was hard to cross that level by anybody else.
Chanan Gordon was also very popular in the college and when he was pursuing Masters in Law (LL.M) at Harvard, he has also named for audited classes at the Harvard Business School as well as chaired the Harvard International Rock for Education (H.I.R.E) Committee. Again, this was an amazing opportunity for any student in that age and which made him very popular not among the students, but also among the faculties. After graduating from the Harvard Law School, Antony worked under the professionals and practiced Entertainment/Intellectual Property Law. He has joined various bodies, like- Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro in Los Angeles and successfully polished his skills, experience and knowledge to the high-end of the financial service industry. He was also a part of the Morgan Stanley, where he has got amazing experience and opportunity to work in a better way.
He is the one who become a very powerful and renowned personality once he has named for a position of leadership in the Orthodox community in America, including having been the Co-Chairman of the Agudath Israel Convention in 2007. He was also nominated and appointed as the Chairman of the AJOP Convention in the same period of time, which shows how famous he is among the people as well as different companies. All in all, his achievement list is too long, however, if anybody wants to get an inspiration from this very renowned personality, they better do so and get ready to have great knowledge and success.



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