Monday, 13 February 2017

Airport Of Delhi - Delhi Prepaid Taxi is an initiative by Aditya Madan(Founder & CEO) and Vikas Garg(Operations & Business Development) to provide you with a safe, comfortable and economical pick-up and stay for one night, the first night you land in Delhi. We at Madan Café have been serving the tourists for more than 30 years now. The only fortune we made was of goodwill and friends around the world.
We can recommend some nice hotels in Varanasi, Port Blair, Manali, Jaiselmer and many other places in India. There is no fee for this if you want to book your hotels in other cities with us, we do it voluntarily to help you have a pleasant trip in India.
Enjoy your stay in one of our basket of hotels. One thing you can be assured of is safety and comfort clubbed with 20€ quality. At the moment we provide the 20 Euro service in Delhi only.
Be safe when traveling to India. When they make a booking, we organize a cab to pick you up from the airport and also a hotel for you for your first night stay.  So be sure that you land safely without any hassles.
You can read about 'Airport Scams at Delhi airport' on Google. Our service prevents any of those scams from happening to you. We want you to enjoy your travels and your trip to our wonderful country, without having any bad stories to bring home to your friends and relatives.  
Feel free to contact us beforehand and we can also help you with other things, and also give you safe advice on how to keep you and your family from being trapped in any of the popular scams that are used against tourist.
We are here to help you enjoy your trip and to have a safe trip without any hassles.

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