Monday, 13 February 2017

Free Birth Chart Astrology - Astro -Quick.Com

Do you have astrology software that really suits you? Astrological charts requires many informations to get accurate calculations. But not only, without ergonomics, they are in practice unusable. Unlike basic programs, a good astrology software will calculates time zone from a world city database. You will then save time to get the Universal time and the geographics coordinates that are required for astronomical computing. When it comes to the planetary calculations, low-end software does not give very precise results, especially for the determination of the solar and lunar positions to the second of arc, and also for the positions of the slow planets. Generally, it is necessary to compare the positions obtained with the software, with those of the ephemerides that one finds in bookstore to know the precision of the planetary calculations.
 This precision is indispensable for the precise calculation of the Solar and Lunar Revolutions Ascendants, and to a certain extent for the dates of ingress of the slow planets. The astronomical positions of the AstroQuick 7 app are remarkably precise and make it possible to draw the maps of the sky with the same precision as that of the ephemerides from the NASA. Moreover, all versions offer ephemeris tables, very accurate over 5000 years! Generally, beginners need help with interpretation. Or as contextual help by clicking on a chart item or as a text file. All versions of AstroQuick 7 offer a contextual interpretation, including symbolic and sabian degrees, as well as an exhaustive list of planetary aspects. Many astrology software offer an interpretation, but often it is difficult to exploit it: lack of integrated layout, reports only textual and without graphic ... It taes some time to lay out an astrological study. AstroQuick 7 proposes interpretations really ready to use, layout with the chart and aspectarian. With one click, you can send the report to a customer or a friend ! AstroQuick 7 is an astrology software series developed by Daniel Vega, astrologer and software developer from France. It is important that an astrology software is written by an astrologer who uses it daily.
Otherwise, a software made by a developer without true astrological experience, will never be easy or simple to use. Daniel Vega has developed 7 versions since 1991, with always the reputation of the easiest graphical application of astrology to use. The latest version AstroQuick 7 is the most successful Astrology Software with universal compatibility on PC MAC iOS Android and Linux. It is the only multiplatform Astrology software. Its updates are almost real-time and new features are regularly offered, without you having to update your software! No installation is required, you can use this astrology app with any web browser and you remain free from all technical constraints ! AstroQuick 7 offers beautiful charts with detailed interpretations. Chart on screen are PNG, an universal format you can use directly into your web pages. Chart to print are in PDFhigh resolution...
You can enlarge them to infinity, they never lose the vector graphics quality. You can import them directly into layout software like Quark XPress, and offer professional-quality printouts. Customizing your charts is a breeze. All presentations and colors are allowed and you can even copy the graphic preferences from one chart to another. Millions of possibilities are available! For professional astrologers, AstroQuick 7 PRO offers complete interpretations reports for the natal chart, karmic astrology, planetary transits, solar revolutions and synastrys-comparisons! All reports can be edited with a standard word processor. They can be printed or directly sent by email with a single click! Beginners in astrology as well as advanced practitioners will find all necessary for the practice of forecast with progressed charts, double wheel charts for synstrys and lists of transits ans directions. Transit report are very complete with presentation by date, transiting planet, aspect orlongitude. Any of the AstroQuick astrology software is an excellent choice for beginner and experienced astrologers alike who want an easier and quicker way to pratice astrology without technological complications. You can read the comparative table to determine which version is the most suitable for your use. At any time, you can move to a higher version without losing the previous one. Its duration will be automatically extended to the new one. And better than anything, you can use an infinity of computers MAC, PC and Linux, an infinity of tablets and smartphones iOS and Android. AstroQuick app is without installation, you can use it on any device in seconds ! You are free to practice astrology without any computer problems.

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