Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Hello gentlemen and ladys,
As you probably have noted on my Independent VIP Escort London website, I enjoy travelling to discover new places in a great company of my regular friends.
 As an Independent Elite Escort I have been travelling worldwide and would like to share my exciting, some of them even more spicy experiences with you. Only on my personal Independent High Class Escort London blog you can be informed about my travelling scheduale and my unique adventures around the world.
I want to thank you again for following me on twitter and for giving me a few minutes from your time to open myself and share my memories.
Do you ever desired someone so much that you want to show to the whole world that he/she belongs to you? I experienced such a feeling with Mr McRae, we knew each other for 1 year and we developed a lovely relashionship based on respect and wild excitment.
We always spiced our meetings with fascinating role plays and shared to each other our deepest desires.
I was always attracted by those executive looking men... in my mind started to develop an uncontrolled wish of having that strong confident man at my legs... it is  an unique pleasure for a women to make a strong man feeling weak and lost in her presence. 
Mr McRae is the wolf with the alfa mentality that I did kneel in front of me so many times... I still can hear him being thankful to me for every time I let him to slowly touch my skin and kiss my stockings, my tummy.... my soft round breasts and then when he get closer to my lips ... he knew he is not allowed to feel and kiss them...The temptation was huge but he didn't deserved it yet... I tied him up to a chear and started to dance for him, I could see how anxious he was and how much he wished me to get closer... and I went closer, I started to dance in his lap only to tease him even more and that gave me so much pleasure! And I kept dancing for more then 10 minutes, teasing and touching his body, kissing his neck.. and he was there,  screaming that he only belongs to me, he is devoted only to me.
And I set him free...
I opened my legs wide, resting a foot in each corner of the bed. If he had been able to see, the explicitness would have taken his breath away. He heard the unmistakable sound of skin moving over skin and my breath deepening as I began to explore my body in front of him...
He came closer wearing the collar around his neck...
I was pleased with such a huge passion that soon I felt all my body being covered with pleasure!
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