Monday, 20 February 2017

Shlomo Rechnitz And His Top-Class Contribution In Healthcare Industry

Mr. Shlomo is the name, which everybody must know as he is the man behind the best and finest healthcare services. Yes, he is the owner of Brius Healthcare Services, which is day by day progressing because of its ultimate and honest services to all the people who are actually in need to get the best services round a clock. He is associated with the same industry from a long-term now as well as we can say since he has founded TwinMed, LLC together with his brother Steve Rechnitz.
Talking more about Rechnitz he is a multi-billionaire owner of Brius, located in the California. It is the largest nursing home company, which is running successfully and serving the people so ultimately. He has began his business career by selling supplies—such as latex gloves, diapers, wheelchairs and other various stuffs to the nursing homes with his twin brother - Steve. Together in 1998 and later they both together founded TwinMed, LLC, and got great popularity. Yes, their business has grown so well and become a great distributor of medical supplies and services, which was appreciated a lot.
Talking about Brius healthcare, it has opened in 2006 by Shlomo Rechnitz and to open up the same he has purchased his first skilled nursing facility - Las Flores Convalescent Home, in Gardena, CA. Once he has got enough years of experience and confidence in the same industry, he has bought dozens of nursing homes and assisted living facilities and finally get famous by having the largest collection of nursing homes in California. Currently, he is handling around 81 long-term care facilities across California as well as 14 nursing home beds in the state, which is completely a great thing. This has made him very popular and far better than others and really he has done his part in the best possible manner. He has started everything from California and once he has created an amazing empire, he has extended his operations to the other parts of the USA, including- Nevada and Texas.
Talking about his amazing health care nursing centers and services, they are completely amazing. His all the healthcare centers are just made up for great and finest services, which people have ever received before. All the nursing centers are fully committed to enhancing the health of the people and for the same they have trained staff members who are known for offering superior services and healthcare solutions. Just because of his outstanding and valuable services, embracing clinical innovations, and exceptional medical and health education, people of California just believe on the same and make sure to be a part of the same whenever they feel a great help and support.
Yes, the best and amazing team is well knowledgeable, skilled and caring, that is why people love visiting here for the elimination of the problems. There are other various things which is making Mr. Rechnitz and his amazing health centers famous, thus, better know everything about the same and be a part of the finest centers.



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