Sunday, 19 February 2017

Barry Zyskind And The Reasons Behind His Success

You must know about Barry D. Zyskind, who is a director and founder of very famous and Forbes listed company called- AmTrust Financial Services. It has been founded on 1998, Mr. Barry has held senior management positions as well as serving other various important positions called- Chief Executive Officer and President.
More so, Mr. Zyskind career history is completely awesome as he has got great years of experience in working with lots of top-notch companies. Yes, he has learned each and everything by working in various companies before and finally reached to the top-notch position where everybody in all around the world knows him completely. Yes, he served to various companies as an officer and director and he is presently serving as non-executive chairman of the board of Maiden Holdings, Ltd., which is an insurance holding company.
Before laid the foundation of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Zyskind has worked with the bank called- Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in New York and served as an investment banker over there. This was the learning phase for Mr. Zyskind and he did his level best in gaining great years of experience from the same so that everything can be implemented to produce great results. Before he started and shaping his career, he has undergone to attain M.B.A degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business and led his career with the aggressive approach.
Barry Zyskind is completely the best businessman in the insurance industry, and is the head of AmTrust Financial Services Inc. He has got various awards and appreciation for his ultimate work and in the September 2016 edition he got the best’s review, an A.M. Yes, AmTrust was ranked the 11th largest commercial insurer in the U.S which was on the 128th position in 2005. This is really the fast growing company and impossible for all who belongs to the same or different industries. His very famous AmTrust’s financial services main aim is to fulfil the requirements of the small commercial customers, thus, made up the best and great pricing and structure policies to help them up.
In 2014, Mr. Zyskind and his reputed AmTrust was included in the Forbes magazine which is a matter of proud for him. Yes, he was awarded by the best managed companies in the America as well as got 11th ranked in 20’s most powerful CEO 40 in all over the world. Apart from AmTrust, Mr. Zyskind was appointed as non-executive Chairman of the Board of directors of National General Holdings Corp in 2016. As well as he has worked with other various industries, like- American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, Leap Tide Capital Management, Inc. and various other where we served as a director and other several top-notch positions.
His working methodologies, ideas and serving people is completely different that is why we can easily see him very well-established and successful. He always believes in customer satisfaction and offers them top-notch services to maintain their trust and confidence. If you are looking for the best insurance policies and better financial help, his company is the best to opt.



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