Monday, 16 January 2017

Robbie Rothenberg And His Amazing Contribution In The Business

Beachwold Residential LLC is a very famous real estate group in U.S Southeast and West and Northeast location. It is founded by a very talented and renowned person called Robbie Rothenberg and he is the one definitely known to all. Mr. Rothenberg is currently serving as a managing director of the firm as well as putting great efforts in developing and operating multi-family properties throughout the U.S.
Apart from this, Mr. Rothenberg is also a co-founder and managing member of the very famous company called RedRock Real Estate Group LLC, best in owing the residential communities in Chicago, the greater Midwest, Ohio and other various areas. Not only this, being a principal and sponsor of both very famous organizations, he has developed the best partnerships and acquired more than 13000 apartments throughout the USA, which is completely amazing.
Talking about his academic qualifications, he is graduated and passed out from the Queens College and later went to Harvard Business School from where he has received the graduate degree in 1985.  Later, he has joined various companies to gain great knowledge and experience and being a talented businessman, he has advocated for various philanthropic along with educational causes in US, which makes him more popular and known to all. Moreover, Robbie Rothenberg is also known for his love and respect of national and Israeli people and for the same he has joined various charities and other various things to help the people.
In more details of Mr. Rothenberg, he is the one serves as an executive board member of the America and Israel Friendship league as well as Isralight and started the works which is purely known to establish a Jewish renaissance via education. All in all, he is known for his amazing work as well as social causes, which is commendable and let us know more about a kind of personality he is. He doesn’t stop here only and supports Carmei Ha’ir which usually works to feed the poor people in the Jerusaiem and Ohr Torah Stone, an educational institute which was founded by Rabbi Shiomo Riskin.
Apart from Mr. Rothenberg loves of Israel, you should know that his family too love supporting the same. Yes, his beautiful wife and 3 great daughters always participated in various sorts of events, charities, programs for the betterment of the Israeli people. Mr. Rothenberg lives with his wife Helene in Woodmere, New York and his three daughters- Haftr Yeshiva, Midreshet Harova, the oldest daughter in a great profession as well as participated with the family to make Aliyah in the near future in Israel. All in all, the family is a complete package of talent, knowledge and yes humanity is there for the people in need.
Robbie’s wife is a well known attorney in real estate niche and practicing in the Cedarhurst New York, was graduated from Suffolk University Law school in the Boston, Mass in 1984. All in all, Robbie is the best and famous personality, who worked hard so much to move to the top most position.



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