Monday, 23 January 2017

Marketing Videos - Promotional Videos

We create marketing videos and promotional videos for small to medium size businesses. These are cartoon animated videos and explainer videos which help businesses to promote their products and explain their products.

The core-idea behind our organization is the creation of extremely effective and high-quality marketing  videos for businesses that aim to drive conversions. By high-quality we mean promotional  videos which will complete a website, perfectly integrate into it, synchronize with the whole brand image and add a missing element to the website’s personality.
Explainer Mojo makes effective videos which are built on a solid foundation of real-world tested scientific advertising principles.

We illustrate videos which know how to engage your customers and deliver your message in the most possible and attractive way, so that the customers keep coming in and the idea never gets old. We know the right moves to trigger a particular situation in your customer’s brain.

We diligently aim to bond and build relationships with our clients in order to have a better understanding of their problems from their perspectives. We keep testing and improving our video technologies and advertisement techniques so that development is infinite. We strive for that satisfaction which we get after delivering the perfect work to our customers and when they refer us to their friends and partners as the guys behind their success. Present day, the web has become a survival of the fittest and you need to use the most effective tools in order to survive and outpace competition – Videos that inspire action.

Our illustrator buddies are all from their separate dimensions in life. Some of them include Various Children Books, cartoon animations and very good in their concept of creating storyboards. We have a team of couple of artists who can bring your ideas to life.

Our explainer video services will make your business a success. We uncover the value of your services and engage your audience with captivating animated videos. Let us help you improve your business by marketing correctly, and in return increasing your profits today

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