Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Occupational License Lawyer Bexar County - TicketLawyerSanantonio.Com - Occupational License Lawyer Bexar County

San Antonio CDL best lawyer Talamantez & Volkman can be reached at 210-349-6000. Never ignore a traffic ticket because doing so can have far-reaching negative consequences.
In addition to facing higher insurance premiums, possible difficulties with your job, loss of driving privileges, and expensive surcharges issued by the Department of Public Safety, a warrant could be issued for your arrest. Contact San Antonio CDL best lawyers Talamantez & Volkman for legal assistance.
Operators with CDLs are held to a higher standard
Traffic convictions can have a negative impact on your commercial driving status. Anyone in Texas who has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) faces sterner penalties than other motorists. Texas holds professional drivers to a higher standard. Part of the reasoning for that practice is that drivers with a CDL are usually driving larger vehicles.
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