Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Seekr, The Image Based Product Seeking And Discovery Engine, Where Everybody Has A Rare Information To Share.

Are you looking for a rare product? Are trying to find a great online portal to share your information on interesting stuffs? Many of you are interested in fascinating items, collectibles, souvenirs as well as utility products. It is convenient to find products of your choice and requirements on the web. Systematic websites can help you zero in on the items you need to buy or know about. Many online portals give you the option to find suitable details about the products of your choice. It becomes convenient if such a site is an image based search engine.
If you are searching for a website that enables you to spot your favorite products, to get information about things you are not very sure of, we provide you your destination. The answer to your problem is Seekr, the image based product seeking and discovery engine. At Seekr, we solve all your issues regarding finding your desired products on the internet through the use of images of those products. It is an engine driven by a crowd of people that allows you to identify and seek out deals and products of your choice and get particulars about them.
At Seekr, you can upload an image of the product along with its description. This way, you be a part of the wide network of users who help each other find and identify products of their choice every day.  If you can acquire the photograph or image of a product, be it a car or a huge packet of potato chips, but don’t know where to search for it and how to find it, you put the image on Seekr. Our members can view the image you have uploaded, and one of them might know a good deal about it. He can, then, easily assist you with ample information about the product and where you can find it. In this way, we help you find the best places to buy something using images.
There are all types of queer and rare articles which are of great interest to people. Some may be interested in a particular designer dress used in a famous music video while some others may be curious about the recipe of a rare dish, but hardly have any substantial information about them. You may have a bleak idea about things that you want to know more of. You may want to buy this favorite pair of glass slippers or that iconic Sherlock Holmes cap, but do not know where exactly to look for them or from whom to buy them. At times, you may even Need help identifying an image, Seekr can help.
At Seekr, we have members who are genuine and have varied information about a host of topics. Someone, somewhere always knows about something you do not know much about. Again, you might be knowledgeable about products of which others have a faint idea. Seekr is the place that promotes mutual assistance where you get the help of real people to find hard to find products.

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