Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Healthy Food AndHealthy Life With Smoothie Vert

Stay healthy with green vegetables and fruits. Fruit juices are always healthy and enjoyable to all, ranging from a child to an elderly member in our family, especially in summer. Green juices, otherwise termed as smoothies are becoming much popular among people these days.Chlorophyll of green vegetables is prevalent abundantly in smoothies. Both juices and smoothies supplement each other and can be taken on and off. . A cool smoothie or a refreshing drink is really enjoyable in the scorching heat.
Importance of smoothies
Smoothies are ideal due to their chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll not only purifies blood but also helps in production of blood. Chlorophyll is such a substance that always helps in detoxifying human body by enabling transportation of oxygen to various parts in body. This is possible only because of molecular arrangement of chlorophyll having much similarity with human blood. Here the main atom is magnesium similar like that of iron in blood. Transportation of oxygen is similar in case of both blood and chlorophyll. These smoothies are always nutritional by giving us all the vitamins and minerals needed by body. This keeps the body to maintain homeostasis, with smooth running of our physiological functions. So stay healthy with smoothie vert.
Preventdiseases and stress
In today‚Äôs world, keeping balance between personal and professional life takes its toll on our health.Yourlifestyle has abundant level of stress,unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyleor abstinence from food due to work load which are some of the causes of diseases and unhealthy conditions in life. These are more or less termed as diseases of contemporary world, where people in developed countries are already suffering and people from developing countries are initiating gradually. Work load sometimes makes people stay away from healthy food and indulge in junk food. Here smoothies or a jus vert will be ideal, as it saves time as well as maintain nutrition of your body. 
Solution for obesity
Basic fluids in body are mostly acidic, so you need something to have an alkaline effect that will maintain the acid alkaline balance of body. Studies show that millions of people are suffering from obesity today. Many people want to have a slim figure and look attractive. There is no need to go for crash diets and rigorous workouts.  These fruit juices and green vegetablesare ideal to have a slim figure and also help people stay healthy. They contain vitamins, fibers and nutrients which are lacking in crash diet, and helps in filling and your hankering for more eating. This also helps you in digestion of whatever you have eaten. So, every morning a jus crus or a smoothie is always welcome.
More consumption of juices and smoothies
More you eat a healthy breakfast more you will stay fit with and energetic all throughout the day. These smoothies and fruit juices are the best choices in increasing you intake of fruit and vegetables. These are healthy, simple and suitable to have regularly being the best substitute for good health. These will also help to counter diseases and infections prevalent in world today.    

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